“Maybe 10 years from now everything will fall into place The way I always wished it would But maybe it won’t Maybe 20 years from now we’ll be married – to different people – and I’ll laugh and say ‘I used to love you’ When that day comes I hope you’ll laugh and tell me … More Maybe


“Everything on Earth is made of elements formed in the heart of a star. We are all made of star dust. Outer space can be found in the very depths of my soul. The stars in the sky are but an extension of me and one day I shall return.” – Gianella Rodriguez


“They always talk about lovers that collide into each other like stars. They never talk about the ones that don’t. The lovers that could be. The stars that never collide. They hurtle through space parallel to one another. In close proximity but – due to forces beyond their control – have never been destined to … More Parallel