14/06/2016: The new Ghostbusters and representation in the media

As I wrote E3, WONDER WOMAN, FEMALE REPRESENTATION, I remembered that I wrote a similar post last year upon coming out of seeing Ghostbusters. It’s a bit of a mess but here is that post, tl;dr at the bottom:   14/06/2016: The new Ghostbusters and representation in the media (aka: HOMGGGG) (aka: My journey into realising … More 14/06/2016: The new Ghostbusters and representation in the media


Semester one 2017 is OVER baby and I finished it on the most anti-climactic note. I mean, I guess everyone finishes semester looking and feeling like death so it was to be expected. My last assessment of the semester was an essay about a prominent Asian figure and when we were handed this assignment I … More I’M FINISHED!


I went on my YouTube channel just now and realised that the last video I posted was a month ago and it made me really sad. One of the best things I did during the summer break was pump out videos for my channel and now that the semester is well underway, I’ve straight up … More YOUTUBE


I can’t say no to people. I mean, I can but then I’m filled with so much guilt that it may have just been easier to be burdened with the task they’ve asked me to do. I can’t live with the guilt. It’s so bad I can’t even say no to people handing out flyers … More NO


I like it when things go as I want them to go. That gives me ultimate satisfaction. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned in life it’s that things almost never go as planned. Ever. For the most part, my life’s moving along as I’d like it to and even when it doesn’t, I go with … More PARALYSED BY FEAR


There is no denying that I am a self-saboteur. I’ve read a bunch of articles online about why people self sabotage and I still can barely pinpoint my own reasons. All I know is that sometimes I don’t take opportunities when I should and sometimes I don’t say things when I have the chance to … More SELF SABOTAGE