“Maybe 10 years from now everything will fall into place The way I always wished it would But maybe it won’t Maybe 20 years from now we’ll be married – to different people – and I’ll laugh and say ‘I used to love you’ When that day comes I hope you’ll laugh and tell me … More Maybe


I can’t say no to people. I mean, I can but then I’m filled with so much guilt that it may have just been easier to be burdened with the task they’ve asked me to do. I can’t live with the guilt. It’s so bad I can’t even say no to people handing out flyers … More NO


I like it when things go as I want them to go. That gives me ultimate satisfaction. However, if there’s anything I’ve learned in life it’s that things almost never go as planned. Ever. For the most part, my life’s moving along as I’d like it to and even when it doesn’t, I go with … More PARALYSED BY FEAR


There is no denying that I am a self-saboteur. I’ve read a bunch of articles online about why people self sabotage and I still can barely pinpoint my own reasons. All I know is that sometimes I don’t take opportunities when I should and sometimes I don’t say things when I have the chance to … More SELF SABOTAGE


I can’t trust anyone. Not even myself. For the past, like, 5 years I’ve thought The Backyardigans was about a blue octopus. It was just a thought in the back of my mind that I knew to be fact until I had to Google ‘The Backyardigans’ today. Turns out I’ve been wrong this whole time. … More MY BRAIN IS FLAWED


Stop talking about doing. Just go do it. That’s a thought that’s come into my head a lot lately, especially since I started this blog. I’ve written a lot about what I want to do but I’ve never actually acted on it and this agitates me more than anything. This goes hand in hand with … More JUST DO


In my blog post ‘Refocus‘ I essentially said I was relegating the act of ‘chasing my dream’ to second priority. I don’t think that’s true. I’d say it’s now just not alone at number one. I don’t actually know what my end goal is when it comes to my career. Some people say they want … More THE ONES WHO DREAM